Hessian Barracks Trenton New Jersey

In the early morning hours of December 26, 1776, General George Washington’s Army attacked the Hessian Barracks at Trenton, New Jersey.  Washington captured many of the Hessians during the battle.  In 1777, the Barracks became an army hospital under Dr. Bodo Otto. The Barracks is located in downtown Trenton, next to the New Jersey State House. Rates are $8 per person, $6 students and seniors.

More photos of the Hessian Barracks

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  1. Initially Colonel Rahl was buried in the Presbyterian Church, but later the burial place was moved. Can you tell me where the burial place is now?

    Also I was informed that the Hessian soldiers who were killed are still buried in the same church, but now under the parking lot. Is this true? thanks for your help.

  2. The 240th anniversary of the Battle of Trenton will be coming up on 25-26 December 2016. Are there any plans to get a few patriots together at Washington’s Crossing, PA, walk across the bridge into New Jersey and then march south to Trenton to mark this event? I’d certainly want to participate if such a memorial is contemplated. I’m a Vietnam vet, a former Army NCO, and an American who appreciates our nation’s history.

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