Tallgrass Prairie, Ft. Scott, Kansas


Restored tallgrass prairie

For centuries the tallgrass prairie covered over 250 million acres of  middle America from Canada to Texas.  Teaming with wildlife and plants and grasses, this ecosystem was home to Native American tribes.  These tribes found game plentiful and used the plants for food and medicine. 

I have read accounts in the 19th century of people riding a horse for days in grasses as tall as their horses.  At Ft. Scott they have restored a 5 acre section of the tallgrass prairie.  Although I visited there in late October, I can imagine the beauty of these prairie wildflowers in a perfusion of bloom earlier in the year.  That must have been quite a site to Easterners on their journey West and for homesteaders who settled on the prairie.  My thanks to the folks at Ft. Scott for preserving this important part of our history.

Native plant in tallgrass prairie



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