A Compass, A Map, and a Tilley Hat

TilleyI’m sure many of our followers head out on road trips with the latest GPS and electronic gadgetry, but our favorite way to navigate is with a good old fashioned map.

There’s nothing like pulling out maps and planning a road trip.  Often times we end up going places we might never have contemplated simply because we see a stop on a map that looks interesting.  I must confess we spend lots and lots of time with our maps months prior to a trip.  Yes, sometimes the planning is almost as fun as the trip itself!

It’s also good to take along the trusty compass.  I never worry about getting lost on our journeys as my sister Nancy is the expert on reading the compass, thanks to her years of hiking while working at summer camp.

Now for my favorite, the Tilley hat.  If you do a lot of trekking on your trips, this hat is definitely worth the investment.  It is made of hemp, repels rain, blocks UV rays, and has a lifetime guarantee.  Inside the crown of the hat is a security pocket where you can put your identification, credit card,  some cash, or whatever else you choose.  Makes it nice if you don’t want to carry a purse or wallet with you.  And for those of you who may be boating, the hat also floats, just in case it flies overboard.


Vicki Saloon 10I have worn my Tilley for over ten years while we trekked over the West.  When I was in Deadwood, South Dakota, a gentleman in a Tilley stopped me on the street and we had a fun conversation about our hats.  Now you can’t say that about just any hat, right?  Picture at left is me in Saloon #10 in Deadwood.

One other item I might mention here are the L.L. Bean polarized bifocal sunglasses.  If you need reading glasses and have to constantly switch back and forth between sunglasses and reading glasses to read a map, these glasses are for you.  After one exasperating trip where I felt like all I was doing was switching from sunglasses to readers, I invested in a pair of these glasses and they are definitely worth the cost.

We hope you will opt for a historic road trip this summer.  We believe they are the best trips of all.