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Mount Vernon BlacksmithMost of  “the frontier” is fly-over country. The great southwest, the northern plains and in some instances the entire mid-section of America. However here at the Frontier Traveler, we relish road trips as much as foodies do their amuse-bouche.

On top of that, we’re particularly fond of the trips that take us to the back-of-beyond – – the places few travel and even fewer have heard of.

  • The Great Deming Duck Race
  • Very Large Array
  • Walnut Canyon (spirits live there, trust us)
  • Pecos Pueblo
  • Homolovi
  • Bleeding Kansas
  • Owl Cafe
  • Famous Dick’s
  • Anasazi Heritage Center

and that’s just a handful of the dozens and dozens of places we’ve seen.

It’s our hope that our site will inspire oldsters like us – and youngsters like you – to pull out the map, highlight the open road and just go! You never too old to get in the car and see where the road takes you. By the way, we may look incredibly young and vibrant (LOL) but the truth is, we’re sitting on both sides of 70. If we can do it, so can you.

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 Like the photo? That’s Vik’s – taken at Mt. Vernon.