Jim Bowie – Frontier Brawler?

Jim Bowie
Jim Bowie

Jim Bowie, famed for the Bowie knife, was born in Kentucky in 1796, but  moved with his family to Missouri and then Louisiana.  A backwoods adventurer, Bowie quickly gained a reputation as a fearless fighter.

In September of  1827, Bowie was involved in a brawl near Natchez, Mississippi in which several men were killed and Bowie was wounded.  During the fight, Bowie himself disemboweled one of the men.  After the fight the wounded were carried back to Natchez to receive medical attention, while the dead were buried in Vidalia.

After this time, he moved to Texas, where he several years searching for gold and silver.  Later, during the Texas Revolution, he was a leader at the Battle of Concepcion and San Antonio.  In fact, Bowie was in command of the force at San Antonio until the arrival of William Travis and regular army troops.

During the famous siege of the Alamo, Bowie and Travis shared leadership duties, a job that often caused friction between the two men.  However, due to a fall, and a serious bout with pneumonia, Bowie was confined to his bed during the last, fatal attack on March 6, 1836.

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Visiting the Alamo

The Alamo is located at 300 Alamo Plaza in downtown

San Antonio, Texas. To Reach the Alamo from U.S. 281/Interstate 37 southbound, exit at Houston Street, turn right, and proceed three blocks to Avenue E, turn left and continue to the intersection of Houston and Alamo Plaza. From Interstate 37 northbound, exit at Commerce Street, turn left on Commerce and proceed ten blocks to Alamo Plaza, turn right and continue on one and one half blocks. Parking is available at several pay lots in the vicinity of the Alamo. Admission to the Alamo is free.

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