Homolovi Ruins
North of Winslow, Arizona
One of our favorite sites. Pottery shards litter the grounds – and don’t miss the trail that leads to the box canyon with the amazing petroglyphs.

Sunset Cemetery
North of Winslow, Arizona
The travelers visit Sunset Cemetery, all that remains of the Mormon settlement at Sunset, Arizona. Cemetery is on a hill overlooking the Little Colorado River. Although warned by local Native Americans about flooding, Mormons built here with disastrous results. Wind was so strong that day that it’s difficult to hear any audio.

San Pasqual Battlefield
Outside Escondido, California
The travelers visit the San Pasquale Valley, scene of the bloodiest battle in the Mexican War in California. Here, the U.S. Army lead by Stephen Kearney are almost wiped out by the Californios

Fort Vancouver, Washington
The travelers visit the Traders Store at Fort Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland, Oregon

Washita Battlefield
The wind in the prairie grass is so beautiful – it helps you understand why camping here (plus the river) would have been attractive. Until attacked by Custer, of course. Located in present-day Oklahoma, the visitor’s center is among the most beautiful the Frontier Travelers have seen – – the designer took into account both the Army and the Cheyenne traditions when creating the architecture and architectural features.