Planning a Weekend Getaway

Planning_a_road_trip.jpgIt started with Vicki’s simple “Let’s drive up to Flagstaff for a weekend”. Ok, I thought. Then she said, “We’ve never been to the Ute Cultural Center in Ignacio, Colorado”. A quick look at the map assured me we could get to Ignacio on day two as it’s about 5+ hours northeast of Flag – so why not.

Of course deciding to go to Colorado set off three days of fighting back the urge to expand our “weekend” to Chaco Canyon, Santa Fe, Albuquerque . . . you get the drift. But we had to get back to San Diego for work stuff, so back to the map to see what was reasonable.  (That’s Vik pouring over the map)

Our final decision:

  1. Flagstaff night one
  2. Aztec National Monument on the way to Ignacio
  3. Ignacio and the Southern Ute’s night two
  4. And what the heck, why not Mesa Verde for two nights? Metate Room food is spectacular
  5. Stop for a gourmet dinner at La Posada in Winslow, AZ
  6. Flagstaff night five
  7. Home

Not truly a weekend, but can you blame us? More as I know it.

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