Aztec Ruins National Monument


It’s taken us a few weeks to recover from our quick journey from San Diego to Mesa Verde, Colorado. We had planned on posting along the way, but life took over and . . .

Before too much time passed, we wanted to write a little about Aztec Ruins National Monument. Located in Aztec, New Mexico, the ruins have that haunting beauty often seen in ancient sites. If you go, be sure to watch the film in the visitor’s center. We learned that the most currently preferred name for Anasazi is now Ancestral Puebloans. The modern-day Hopi believe that the spirits of their ancestors remain in these (and all) ruins. As the father in the film tells his son – don’t pick up that metate, it belongs to the people who live here.

The Great Kiva is breathtaking; we weren’t sure we’d ever seen anything this large. We sat in the chamber, just letting the ghosts of those who lived here tell their tales. And we will warn you – the people who lived here must have been very short because we almost had to get on our knees to get through the doorways. Watch your head!

If you visit Aztec, take the time to walk the nearby Old Spanish National Historic Trail that leads to the Animas River, and a Heritage Garden.

If this is the kind of historic site that gets your blood pumping and your feet yearning for adventure, we recommend:

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  1. Thank you Ann – I truly loved this place. Don’t know how I ever missed it on all of my travels in the Four Corners.

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