Indian Memorial Little Bighorn Battlefield

spirit warriors little bighorn
Spirit Warriors, Little Bighorn Battlefield

Vicki and I have visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield many times – and in many weathers.  On this particular visit the sky was stormy and the wind just kept picking up. We walked across the street from Last Stand Hill and the Cavalry Monument (an obelisk up the hill from the Visitor’s Center) over to the Indian Memorial Monument.

The way the monument is designed makes it seem like a part of the land itself. It’s low, circular and somber. The feeling inside the circle is one of sacredness and stillness.  On the inner walls are panels for each tribe that fought in the battle (Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Crow, Arikara). Each tribe lists their dead and there are some pictographs.

Scroll to the bottom to see a photo of the “spirit gate”.

Centered within the “Weeping Wall” is a spirit gate that looks out onto the 7th Cavalry obelisk.  It’s said that the spirit gate welcomes the fallen soldiers to enter the Memorial and join the fallen warriors in friendship; “peace through unity.”

The Spirit Warriors stand  in the north (see photo above).  Attached are prayer ties, sage bundles and offerings.

We hope to return to Montana in 2012; there never seems to be enough time to spend at the Battlefield.

Spirit Gate Indian Memorial Little Bighorn
Spirit Gate

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