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frontier traveler
Add Frontier Travel @frontiertravel to Your Flipboard


If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can download the free Flipboard app and read the Frontier Traveler in magazine style.  Of course we still want you to come visit our site (!) – but why not enjoy a dose of American Travel with your morning coffee. (Click on links to enlarge the image)

Below are three screenshots of how the Frontier Traveler appears on your Flipboard app.  To find us, just type ‘frontiertraveler’ (without the single quote marks) into the search box, then select us (the Twitter user).  Once you tap on our name, a full page will pop up and a button in the top left to ADD us to your Flipboard.

We know you’ll really love how this looks!


search flipboard for the frontier traveler
Search for the FrontierTraveler


Add the Frontier Traveler to Your Flipboard
Add the Frontier Traveler to Your Flipboard


frontier traveler on flipboard
We love how we look on Flipboard

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