Will Gas Prices Alter Your Summer Plans?

Vicki and I are avid believers in the classic road trip. However, with gas prices inching towards $5/gallon, it puts a wholewill gas prices impact summer travel new spin on planning a summer trip.

A survey to be released today by the U.S. Travel Association finds more than half, 54%, of leisure travelers who planned to travel by car say higher fuel prices would affect their plans. A smaller percentage, 26.8%, of business travelers would reconsider their plans.

Unfortunately, this creates a catch-22. ¬†When people don’t travel, destination locations suffer economically; or for travelers who will still vacation, they might spend less money on ¬†admission fees, books (our downfall!), or local attractions.

Vicki and I will be driving to Montana from San Diego in June – and if my math is correct, that’s going to add up to about $400 in gas alone. At what point will we have to look for cheaper ways to go or delay going until prices drop?

How about you? Will gas prices impact your summer plans? Leave a comment and let us know how much you’re paying for gas where you live.

Read more about the survey in USA Today.

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  1. Vicki and I are currently paying $4.43 a gallon here in San Diego, for lowest grade gasoline.

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