About Us

Vicki on the Frontier

I have always been captivated by the history of the West.   As a teenager I started reading books on pioneers and Native Americans and could easily lose myself for hours on end “in the past”.  I’m one of those people who spend way more time thinking about the past than about the future and have the sense that, although a rugged and difficult life, I would have been at home on the frontier.  I remember the first time I visited Ft. Laramie in Wyoming I felt a sense of homecoming.  After reading about its role in frontier history for years I was finally there – and still today it is an awesome experience for me every time I visit the fort.

Nancy and I began our historic travels several years ago.  We have covered much of the West but still have a lot to see in the East.  It is great to have a sister who loves this history as much as I do.  It has made for some incredible trips and a great many memories.

We cannot imagine traveling without historic destinations on the agenda.  We are happiest with a walking stick and hiking shoes and our trip notebook that we make up before every trip which lists all of the places we do not want to miss.

We hope you enjoy riding the trail with us as we share the stories of the American Frontier.

(Vicki at the site of the Tom Jeffords Indian Agency, Ft. Bowie, AZ)

Nancy on the Frontier

I think being born in St. Joseph, Missouri – home of the Pony Express – probably accounts for my earlynancy hendrickson at bent's old fort fascination with history. That, and my grandmothers’ tales of their Civil War and pioneer ancestors. For me, genealogy and history always went hand-in-hand; you can’t really understand your ancestors until you understand the history that made up their everyday lives.

(Photo taken back in my skinny days. The “doctor” at Bent’s Old Fort offered to cure my ills by cutting off my fingers).

When my sister, Vicki, and I decided to create the Frontier Traveler site, we had already visited more of the historic sites of the West than most people will ever see in a lifetime.  And, the more we saw the more we wanted to share.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our articles and photos – and maybe even meet up with us along the trail.