Mt. Vernon Sunset Celebration

Greeter at Mt. Vernon

Two years ago I made a Memorial Day Weekend trip to Washington, D.C., specifically to attend the Mt. Vernon Sunset Celebration.  I have to say it is the only spur of the moment trip I have taken, but it was worth the coast to coast trip.

There is a certain charm to Mt. Vernon in the twilight hours that is lacking during daytime visits.  I imagine part of that is due to the reduced number of people attending the after-hours event and also just to the evening beauty of Mt. Vernon on the Potomac.

There are several forms of 18th century entertainment, including music on the Mt. Vernon portico, dancing in the gardens, and the lively tune of a fiddler.  The dancers are quite willing to teach you the dance steps so that you can join in.

There are games on the lawn, wagon rides, and you might be lucky enough to see Lady Washington as you tour the mansion.


Wines and desserts are available for purchase.  What better place for enjoying this scrumptious fare while overlooking the Potomac.  I think Mt. Vernon was built on one of the most beautiful spots in America.

After your time out for refreshments, wander through the lantern lit lanes and tour the outbuildings and gardens of Mt. Vernon.  Without the crowds of the day, with the costumed historians, and the slower pace of twilight, you can almost feel George and Martha moving through the lanes greeting their guests for a pleasant summer evening.


The sunset celebration is a Memorial Day weekend event and is May 25-27, 2012, from 6 to 9 p.m.  For more information visit